From the Desk of Jana Siegle:

./Soapbox – A prose in looking for the good

Our company has a wonderful request of our management staff and that is to take turns and write informative blog posts a few times a year for our company feed.  Usually, I have absolutely no problems coming up with topics to write on and writing has always been my forte’ as speaking has always been my weakness.  My brain tends to work way faster than my mouth and before I know it, I’m all confused and muddled up and my thoughts are going every which way.  When I write, I have time to think, re-write, backspace (one has to love the backspace key) and just flat out get it right.

It’s my turn again, and for the first time ever in my life I’m having a hard time coming up with a topic.  Actually, I take that back.  I have started 4 or 5 different posts.  But the world is so crazy right now both personally, and professionally that it seems like no matter my topic I end up on a soap box (./soapbox bad, no soapbox) and that is not what this is about.   Honestly, I don’t want to go there.  It seems to me that things in our personal lives, community, states, country, and our world are changing so fast and there seems to be no consistency or rationale as to the changes.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about work or our own personal life.  Things probably seem as if they are in an uproar.  “Do I do this?  Do I do that?  Is this still important or is it that?  Oh, yesterday this wasn’t important but now it is?  Oh, do I have to, you just said we didn’t, do we really have to go here again?  Help!!!  I’m so confused!!!”  ßbackspace out a whole lot of stuff because remember that soapbox?  Yeah, I found myself going there…  bad…bad… soapbox. ./soapbox (you might have to see this reminder further down **stated in a playful tone**)



Take a deep breath.  BUT this is not about politics or cultural issues, the latest employment fad or regulation or any other “fill in the blank here”.  This is about sanity and happiness.  Sanity for ourselves, our teammates, our co-workers, and our employees.  Sanity for our management team.  Sanity for our friends and our family.  Stop and take a breath, look around at the blue sky, smell the fresh cut grass, the grill across the street cooking some yummy foods (surely it must be lunchtime).   

Close The Laptop and Turn Off the Phone (Or iPad In My Instance **cough cough**)

But just STOP. 

Look Around.


Let’s get back to the enjoyment of life and of each other.  Block out the noise.  There’s noise all around us.  It wants to divide us. [[**warning warning will robinson** ./soapbox ]]

The noise is as my granddaughter would say a “drama llama”.  There should be a spooky horror movie called, “The Noise”.  The noise wants all our attention. 

Let us starve the noise of attention. 

Turn off the news,

turn off the tv. 

Look to your family,

look to your community,

reach out and offer a helping hand,

offer a smile,

pay something forward for another. 

Focus on the good rather than the bad,

whether we really want to believe it or not, there is a larger quantity of good in the world than there is bad. 

You just have to want to see it. 

Let’s go look for the good.  Together.  Join me?